Our Story

NIAK Pharmaceutical Company was established by investment of about 200 well-known experts in Pharmaceutics and food industries, agricultures, economics, and physicians in 1985 to study medicinal plants, production and processing of natural and health based medicines. For this purpose, in 1988, a land with an area of 50 hectares was purchased in the northern region of Iran. After getting the necessary admission's requirements from the ministries of Agriculture, Industry and Health, the pharmaceutical factory was constructed in Feb 1994. In 1997 the research and development department license was obtained from the Ministry of Industry.

One of the most important goals of this company has been investment and research in the usage of herbal medicines in treatment and to improve the quality of life. Therefore, over the past twenty years, several development plans have been undertaken to improve the quality of manufactured preparations. Nowadays, Niak Company produces more than 50 natural products in various dosage forms such as: tablets, capsules, powders, syrups, emulsions, solutions, creams and ointments. This company is proud to produce all its own extracts (liquid and dry) and essential oils in standardized units. In 2015, the company was approved as Knowledge-Based, following by inspections and audits of the Vice Presidency for science and technology.

In 2017, the company succeeded in obtaining ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), ISO OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Safety and Health), ISO 10002 (Customer Satisfaction) and 5 S Certification (Work Environment Certification System) From TUV INTERCERT company (Germany). One of the most important strengths and unique features of this company is continuous effort by investing in experienced and expert human resources. So that, 30 percent of the staffs have Doctoral, Master's and bachelor degree who are mainly work in quality control and research and development department. In recent years, in addition to effort to continuously improve the quality of products and preparation, standardization and validation of new methods of extraction and quantitative analysis of plants and products, more than 20 papers and theses in cooperation with the universities and Knowledge-Based companies were published.

Currently, for the first time in Iran, we have succeeded to set up a pilot production line of Spirulina and Chlorella algae in pharmaceutical and edible grade. This knowledge is 100% native. At the time being, we are working on an herbal anticancer drug, with the collaboration of academic professors and the findings will be published in the future.

The NIAK Pharmaceuticals intend to develop new herbal industry (Plan No.2) in accordance with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards after obtaining the necessary admission's license of development.

In addition to increasing the production capacity, next stage is establishment of the algae breeding and cosmetics production line with a completely herbal-based.

Besides our duty to promote the quality of the community health, we hope to be more active in the global markets.



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