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Jujube oxymel syrup

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Dosage form: 

200 ml syrup in a bottle, including leaflet and measuring cap inside a box. 



Pharmacological class: 

Choleretic and useful in acne treatment.  




Jujube, Dodder, Red rose, purified honey, Grape vinegar.  




1-Treatment of acne and various skin disorders due to puberty, pregnancy, and sex hormone abnormalities. 

2- Blood purifier and useful in liver disorders.   



Mechanism of action:

Jujube contains cAMP and cGMP so it exerts anti-allergic effects and prevents skin rash.




Unless otherwise prescribed,use this medication before breakfast.  Dilute 20-40 ml of syrup in a half of glass of water,mix and drink or 20 ml of syrup twice a day  .



Side effects:

It may cause cough due to vinegar irritation.  




In case of allergy to any component of medicine. 




None - Known.  




The presence of insoluble particles in syrup is due to herbal active ingredients. Shake well before use.   



Using during pregnancy and lactation: 

No restriction known.   

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